Our Team


Madeleine Ranges is the Communications Coordinator at the Yale Youth Ministry Institute. Madeleine assists with YMI’s online presence, marketing of events and videography of lectures. She is a native of Hamden, CT and presently lives in New Haven. She graduated with a B.A. in Film Production from CUNY Brooklyn College in 2011. Prior to working for YMI, she handled theatrical marketing campaigns for independent documentary films. Contact here: madeleine.ranges@yale.edu


Susan dos Santos provides administrative support for the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Susan assists with the arrangements for the Yale Youth Ministry Institute’s Lunch & Lecture Series, JAFF Advisory Board Meetings, Summer Symposium and Consultations. 


Before Kamil Halambiec  became the lead Pastor of a church in Poland, he was also involved in youth ministry in Poland and across Europe. He still continues his involvement in helping and reaching youth with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At YMI, he is responsible for building, connecting and sharing the message of joy and flourishing life with Eastern European nations, especially Poland.